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Organisations and businesses are constantly evolving. You want to make better use of technology, improve its management, engage with and better inform your customers and employees. All of these ambitions have a common thread – someone, somewhere has the view of where they need the organisation to be. Our aim is to help you and your teams, using our extensive experience and knowledge, to achieve that desired state.

Whether you have purchased software to manage your infrastructure, developed your own solutions or are just thinking about implementing a solution, we can help   Read more…

Of course, the key to any successful implementation is enthusiastic adoption. As part of your project Innovative can also help you develop the right enablement for your staff, whether that be off the shelf vendor training, informal knowledge transfer or a bespoke package.  Read More….


With extensive industry knowledge and a huge network of contacts, Innovative can also provide a comprehensive IT resourcing service.   Read more… 


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